Error compiling release for Android

I’m trying to compile my app the way I’ve always done it before:

ionic cordova build android --prod --release

And I’m getting a very weird error that seems related more to iOS (which is not my target here, this is a Linux Machine trying to compile Android):

> cordova build android
config file *-Info.plist requested for changes not found at /home/jeudy/Proyectos/crgate/placas/platforms/android/*-Info.plist, ignoring
config file *-Info.plist requested for changes not found at /home/jeudy/Proyectos/crgate/placas/platforms/android/*-Info.plist, ignoring
Cannot find module 'xcode'

This is my Ionic info:


   Ionic CLI          : 5.2.7 (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/ionic)
   Ionic Framework    : ionic-angular 3.9.2
   @ionic/app-scripts : 3.1.10


   Cordova CLI       : 9.0.0 (cordova-lib@9.0.1)
   Cordova Platforms : android 8.1.0, browser 5.0.3
   Cordova Plugins   : cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard 2.1.3, cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 1.2.1, (and 7 other plugins)


   cordova-res : 0.6.0 (update available: 0.9.0)
   native-run  : 0.2.8 (update available: 0.3.0)


   Android SDK Tools : 26.1.1 (/home/jeudy/Apps/android-sdk)
   NodeJS            : v8.10.0 (/usr/bin/node)
   npm               : 3.5.2
   OS                : Linux 4.15

I have been able to compile my app on this same machine many times, and this week I started to get this problem.

Any ideas?


I fed this into the forum search and came up with this thread.

Thanks man, yes, that was the problem.