Error: Cannot find module './source-map/source-map-generator'

I am facing with strange problem. I just create a blank app. When I tried to add android paltform I faced with this error: Error: Cannot find module './source-map/source-map-generator’
Also, when I try to build my app I get the same error. I am really confused with this error.

Is there any solution?

best regards,

I am still facing with this issue. Any body any suggestion ?

I’m experiencing the same issue with ionic 2.0.0-beta.19

I downgraded ionic to 1.7.14 and still had the issue. So I reset up my environment. I’m now running

ionic v1.7.14
node v4.4.0
npm 2.14.20
java 1.8.0_73

And it’s working now.