Error build code version android with 2 dots


I’m trying to use live update for my android app.
So I created my first web build and i understood i needed to put a minimum version sush as 1.0.0 in the versionning tab.

So i decided to change the format of my version code of my app, but when i put 1.0.0 in the build.graddle and I’ve got the following error when i build:

build file ‘/builds/xxx/xxx/android/app/build.gradle’: 9: unexpected token: 4 @ line 9, column 25.
versionCode 2.0.0

Thanks you for your help

No dots allowed at all.

Thank you for your answer but the web build native versionning need a version with 2 dots else you can’t save the minimin, maximum and equivalent version

For instance, if you have Live Deploy pulling from Production on a Native App, and you push an update that requires a native plugin that didn’t exist until version 1.2.3 of your App, you’ll want to set the iOS/Android Minimum version to 1.2.3. This prevents earlier versions from downloading Deploys that require that native functionality.

So it’s a bug of ionic interface.

Since I recognize that the words you are using appear to be English, but I have absolutely zero idea what any of them mean, I’m going to assume you’re talking about Appflow, so I’m moving this topic so that people with relevant knowledge will see it.

Sorry for my english , you’re right, I’m french lol.
But it’s true , my problem is about the build on appflow

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply criticism of your English, just saying that I’m totally unfamiliar with Appflow terminology.

versionCode expects an integer, so you can’t use dots

probably versionName is the field you should be updating

i think i understood.
The form of the appflow interface to set the versionning of web build concern the
version in the package.json, isn’t it ?

Hi ,
I finally managed to deploy my application with the live update of appflow.
In fact, the version requested by the form concerns the version number in the package.json file.
For the live update to work, just deploy a web version with the SAME native version number but with a different package version.
Voila, I hope it will help other people.