Entire checkbox row shouldn't be clickable over the rest of inputs, just over it´s icon

I have this structure

<ion-list horizontal-expand>

                        <ion-item headers>
                            <ion-input name="input1" class="input50" type="text" value="x" spellcheck="false"></ion-input>
                            <ion-input name="input2" class="input50" type="text" value="y" spellcheck="false"></ion-input>


That shows the following:

When you click on the “x” or on the “y”, you should be able to edit each input. But instead, when you click on any part of the row, it only affects to the checkbox. I need the inputs to be editable when you click on them, and the checkbox only be affected when you click on it´s icon.

May want to chime in on #11775.