Enter Into Last Used Page If the User logged in

If Signed Out from app then the first page shoulbe sign in page.if the app is clossed with out signing out then next time when user open the app it should be go to last accessed page. How can i Make it Please help me sombody

ThanksIn advance

You will want to use Local Storage or a local database, just on the state change save what page they are currently viewing then when they log in, check if that settings exists, then do something like $state.go(‘their page’).

Thanks for your Fast reply. Iam using sqlite. Can you give me a refferance or an example please

There are probably about 20 answers throughout the forums on this and how to use states. You just have to save the state name, and then when they log in, retrieve that and go to it.

K thanks For your ANswer NorthMcCormick. I will Checkit