Enable input field based on checkbox selection

<div class="" ng-repeat="data in accHdrs" ng-show="accHdrs!=null"
                    <div class = "row">
            <ion-checkbox class="itm" ng-model="checkItems[data.acctno]" ng-value="data.acctno" 
                            ng-change="selectAcct(data.acctno,1,0,$index)" style="padding-left: 30px;">
                    <div class = "col col-35">{{data.acctno}}</div>
                    <div class = "col" ng-if="data.arrearamnt>0">{{data.arrearamnt|currency:"":2}}</div> 
                   <div class = "col" ng-else="true">0</div> 
                    <div class = "col">{{data.instalamt|currency:"":2}}</div> 
                   <div class = "col"><ion-input class="itm itm-input " (input)="onChangeTime()"  >                          
                            <input ng-model="pay" id ='$index' name="sname" type="number"  placeholder="0"
                            ng-keypress=" cTotal(pay,$index)">{{cTotal(pay,$index)}}
            <!-- //ng-if="value==$index" -->

Hi please check above code

In this image is showing accounts, based on checkbox selection I need to edit the Payment amount field, If I didn’t select Checkbox I should not edit payment amount field, So please help me.