Emulation vs Browser


Unfortunately my app’s behavior in the emulation differs from the behavior in the browser. Sometimes it really gets frustrating having no clue what’s wrong. Do you guys have a solution for this, maybe a nice way to debug?
Right now, my Modals which work perfectly fine in every browser, won’t open up in the iOS emulation… Any ideas on this or do I just have to dig deeper?


If you are testing on device with IOS you could use Safari’s debugger. Go to safari, enable developer mode in preferences, a “Develop” tab should appear, open it and if you have your device connected, the name of the device should appear there, then click your apps name. It’s not as nice as google developer tools but its a good way to test on device. P. S. I think it also works for ios simulator using the same way.


yes ios simulator is the same way. For android the have a adb chrome bridge on the web store.


Agree with everyone else, use Safari’s Develop option. You will often find errors in the console of Safari Develop tool that do not show up in the Xcode console log area. If developing for iOS6, you’ll find it is much less forgiving of syntax errors than iOS 7. These errors ONLY show up in the Safari debug area.