Ember + Capacitor NPM Package

I have written an NPM package called ember-cap which automates using Ember in Capacitor.

It configures live reload and updates the platforms for building and serving correctly.


npm install -g ember-cap

Create a new Ember application & initialise Capacitor

ember-cap new <example-app> <com.example.app>

This will create a new Ember application and then initialise Capacitor. This is equivalent to running the following commands.

ember new <example-app>
cd <example-app>
npm install --save @capacitor/core @capacitor/cli
npx cap init --web-dir dist <example-app> <com.example.app>

Or initialise Capacitor in an existing Ember application

ember-cap init <example-app> <com.example.app>

Add the platform/s you require

ember-cap platform add ios
ember-cap platform add android

Serve the Ember application to a simulator / device on a local network. You will need to run the app using Xcode / Android Studio

ember-cap serve ios
ember-cap serve android

Build the Ember application and add to the platform ready for build and deployment using Xcode / Android Studio

ember-cap build ios
ember-cap build android