Embedded web in mobile application

i have nice component on this site to take pictures from Facebook account

That site works fine…

This was the code change…

                Przykładowa Galeria
            <iframe src="http://www.tawerna-gdynia.pl/index.php/gallery-album" style="width: 100%; height: 70vh;"></iframe>

I mentioned before about using vh for the height - you can see an example of it here.

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wow, yes its working ! :slight_smile:

working on site, i will try emulate ios

If it works out don’t forget to like or mark as ‘solution’ where appropriate.

And in the future - don’t use attribute styles unless you’re sending emails…

GOOD(ish - better in a scss)

<whatever style="width: 100%; height: 50vh;"></whatever>


<whatever width="100%" height="100%"></whatever>

ok, thx you help me
I’m just learning ionic and it will help me

Maybe you have a course or know where I can find something

Nah just keep ploughing at it - you’ll be fine

Hi good evening, I have a question, I have a project with a iframe embedded url, but not download files in app and however if download in the browser. I like that the app allow download files, Can you help me?

Hi. Sorry I’m not getting the question. You want to download files via the iframe?

a question, it is possible to remove the header of the page or the navigation menu so that users can not change pages.


I’ve done a repo.

Basically remove the ion-header section.

Also for Android you need to disabled the back button which is done in the app.component.ts file. You can see it all in the repo.

I think I expressed myself badly, what I want to know is if you can remove the header of the page embedded in the ionic application.


I have embedded a website inside my ionic 4 app.

However, I would like to autofill username/password for Login Page of this embedded website.

Original Flow:
Open Mobile App -> Enter Username/Password Manually in Login Page -> Home Page

Proposed Flow:
Open Mobile App -> Enter Username/Password Automatically Via Autofill In Login Page -> Home Page

In simple means, after user open mobile app, it will directly jumps into Home Page, bypass Login Page.

How should I code to achieve this flow?


Hi, @Judgewest2000, how can I access Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc using iframe in Ionic 5 application?