Embedded web in mobile application

I know ionic serve

What does this mean:

Does the site you are loading having some iframe breaking code? Can you add it to a simple html page with an iframe an open it in the browser or not?

when I adds the code to the normal website everything works fine

Can you share your repo with me or at the very least an example new project where it’s showing thus behaviour?

i can send you all , I’m only testing

By all means - go for it

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The time I turn on the applications (ionic serve) turns on for a few seconds web with iframe working and then moves to this page from within the iframe.

but when I use (ionic cordova emulate ios) it does not work iframe

Righteo. It’s the link you’ve provided. It’s posting a message to its parent to redirect.

The best you can do with that site is to use the inappbrowser plugin.

wp.pl is only example
i want this site : http://www.tawerna-gdynia.pl/index.php/gallery-album

i have nice component on this site to take pictures from Facebook account

That site works fine…

This was the code change…

                Przykładowa Galeria
            <iframe src="http://www.tawerna-gdynia.pl/index.php/gallery-album" style="width: 100%; height: 70vh;"></iframe>

I mentioned before about using vh for the height - you can see an example of it here.

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wow, yes its working ! :slight_smile:

working on site, i will try emulate ios

If it works out don’t forget to like or mark as ‘solution’ where appropriate.

And in the future - don’t use attribute styles unless you’re sending emails…

GOOD(ish - better in a scss)

<whatever style="width: 100%; height: 50vh;"></whatever>


<whatever width="100%" height="100%"></whatever>

ok, thx you help me
I’m just learning ionic and it will help me

Maybe you have a course or know where I can find something

Nah just keep ploughing at it - you’ll be fine

Hi good evening, I have a question, I have a project with a iframe embedded url, but not download files in app and however if download in the browser. I like that the app allow download files, Can you help me?

Hi. Sorry I’m not getting the question. You want to download files via the iframe?