Embedded Google maps on Windows Phone 8.1

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to implement embedded google maps on Windows Phone in Ionic and have failed in every attempt so far. Did anyone here make it?

I have tried this:

  • iframe technique ([tutorial][1]
  • regular way that works for Android and iOS (map embed)

In the first case I always get the “google is not defined” error, while the second just doesn’t display the map at all. Did anyone get this to work?

Big thanks for any help
[1]: http://www.creepyed.com/2012/11/how-to-use-the-google-maps-api-on-windows-8/

update: So in the end I managed to scramble it up using an injected iframe with a variable URL, jquery and some Bing Maps mumbo jumbo. Got google maps to work too, but it’s so glitchy it hurts my eyes.

In case anyone needs help in the future feel free to revive this topic and I will gladly help with with easing your pain :slight_smile:

are you able to launch wp8 navigator through google maps marker?

not even tried to do that much magic.

What I am still having issues is - once I open up a couple of map screens (going back and forth to the same ion-view, just with different data) it stops working all over - the map never loads, even though the iframe seems to be properly injected.

So overall experience with WP8 + Ionic = not so good. Better not do it, unless if it’s really a basic app. From now on sticking to iOS and Android only.

in my case all works like a charm :wink:

Hi Branan, how do you embed google maps in your windows phone project? Do you have a git project sample? Could you post some snippet here?
Thank you

Any chance you can share how you did it ?