Embed site scripts in template

Complete ionic noob here, go easy.
I’ve started developing a cross-platform app on the ionic framework a few days ago, I have pretty basic knowledge of JS and HTML, and how the ionic framework is working. I’ve started with the ionic side-menu, and have added the sections I need. In one of the sections, I would like to have an embedded script (specifically, the Vessel Finder AIS Map).

I have tried putting the embed code in the template that I want it in, but this doesn’t show when the app is run. If the script is put in index.html, above all the other body code, the map displays, but it is above the header and on every page, as expected. I’m wondering why the script isn’t run when in templates, and what I can do to get it to run. I have seen other similar questions asked about embedding JS code, but couldn’t find any answers about embed URLs.

Thanks in advance for any help!