Either Ion-nav-back-button is not appearing or page is not loading

I am trying to create a new page from an existing page with a back button. I have recreated the issue here in a plunkr. In the trip analytics option When I click the first card i.e. Enter Home address. I want the todayDetail .html page to come up with a back button. I have already tried two approaches
First approach The ng-click approach. In which I give $state.go(statename) to give that page. But then I wouldn’t get a back button as the navigation stack is changed.
Second approach - If I keep the navigation stack i.e. keep the state name as initial.trips.today.todayDetail. The page doesn’t load at all.

What is the issue? How should I go about it?

you have a wrong app structure and so a false navigation structure.

Same like in this topic:

take a look in my solution

Okay is there any guide as to what correct app Structure is. If somebody could take out time and append it in the docs. What my understanding has been is that sideMenu should be abstract and all other views will inherit from it. What else could be there?

it is appendend in the docs… and it should be clear with a little bit logical thinking.

Read the examples of the “navigation” part --> there you see, that the sidemenu and navbar is defined in the base layout.
All other vies are included over the ion-nav-view. And each view should start with the ion-view tag. If you have this base structure you can start to work.