Education - student enrollment to courses

I am trying to build app for higher education student.
I want to distribute notes/lectures based on each students profile and course he opted for in drip basis.

1 Students when login, he will see the content what he has paid or enrolled for.
So the course materials can change student to student.
In student profile, i need to give permission for course materials, quizzes, assignments etc.
2. Facilities like chat, news etc etc can be common for all.

i need code for above.

I am professor, i am not hard codder, but learning slowly by trial and error.

hope this community can help me.

hm okay… the app will not that difficult, but you need a backend/api with authorization-authentication, a role system, payments and enough space for all the files, content, maybe media files you want to share.

Thats the difficult. The finals app is easy after you have the backend.

Those forums are there to help in specific problems.

If you want to know, how an ionic app is working --> read the documentation and take a look at the start-templates at