Easy way to create iOS Contacts Jump Bar?

Hey All,

I am new to ionic and enjoying using it so far, I have found that creating a lot of native elements much easier than expected. I am creating a project with a list view that has many elements. That was pretty easy but now I am trying to make the experience better enable users to move around easier.

I don’t know the specific name for this but on the iOS contacts app there is a sidebar with the alphabet allowing users to jump around easily, see the picture attached.


Is it easy to create this with Ionic? I skimmed the documentation and didn’t see it. I don’t know if there is a similar native element for Android. I can figure out how to do this with a lot of javascript or by creating Anchor tags but I am not sure how to do this the “Ionic Way”.

Any help would be appreciated!


Bumping this topic because it has been a month, any ideas?