Early Bird Release of Ionic: From Web To Mobile + Special Offer

I am incredibly excited to announce the early bird release of my new course Ionic: From Web To Mobile!

This full course will be offered for $299, but i’m offering an early bird discount for $29 with the coupon PRESALE29 (valid for next 7 days).

This early bird version is 80% complete and is missing about 20 lectures on the Ionic platform, including push, deploy and analytics and the section on releasing your app to the apple app store and google play stores. Those lectures will be added in by mid September 2015.

But despite being only 80% complete, the course already has over 6 hours of content across about 80 lectures!

What will I get out of this course?

  • Ability to build complex cross platform iOS and Android applications
    using Ionic.
  • Experience with both the Parse and Firebase backends.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to release applications on the Google Play and Apple AppStores.
  • How to use the bleeding edge products coming out of the Ionic Platform, such as Ionic Push, Deploy and Analytics.

To grab this deal just use the coupon PRESALE29