E2E testing Ionic App with Crosswalk, Appium & Protractor Not working

Lately our Ionic app grew to a phase where we would like to add end to end automation tests. Problem arises when we try to use appium and our app is built upon crosswalk.
A quick search around finds that one requires to have the crosswalk-webdriver in order for the tests to work with crosswalk, but it is basically non existent/non compatible for windows/mac.
Given this is the situation I was wondering does anyone know how to solve this issue or perhaps a different e2e automating testing framework that does work with crosswalk thus enabling us to test our Ionic app.
Perhaps there is a workaround to release the app to android platform once with crosswalk and once without in parallel?


Anyone with anything about this? could it be that Ionic ‘pushed’ crosswalk as a solution back in the day but it cannot be used with e2e testing?

Workaround found for now, can finally start developing e2e tests with appium, crosswalk, protractor ionic.

Thanks to piotrekkmt post on appiums github (https://github.com/appium/appium/issues/4597), he added a web driver supporting crosswalk with a short explanation for mac. If you got a mac, this could solve the inability to perform protractor tests with appium when working with crosswalk:

I am just about to start trying my protractor tests with Appium. Is https://github.com/piotrekkmt/chromedriver-appium working well with you on iOS and Android ?

I left e2e testing for now, but from the discussion there it seems like it stopped working for newer crosswalk versions