Dynamically update swiper with Ionic2/Angular2 in LOOP mode


I am building a web app which makes use of ion-slides and the slides change using an *ngFor depending on a specific application state.

What is happening is that in loop mode when Angular updates it’s bindings Swiper does not reinitialize, leaving some slide previous state artifacts behind, and I have tried calling update after, which does nothing in my case.

The only way I made this work is to call a function which is not named in the Swiper API called init(), this is re initializing Swiper and fixing my problem.

Is there a better (more correct) way to update the Swiper instance when Angular updates it’s bindings.

Thank You :slight_smile:

I would love to know how you are doing this?

How can i call init()?

Hi!! I´m getting crazy with this issue, Could you tell me how did you solve the problem? I´ll apreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

I am facing the same issue, Could you please show us how you solved it ?