Dynamically served mobile website with Ionic

Hi Guys,

My current website is not responsive for mobile and instead of changing my existing front-end , I would want to create a separate dynamically served Mobile Website with Ionic.

Why a Mobile Website ? - To cater to the direct search traffic from Google and give a great UX to our users.

Why IONIC ? Because I would like to extend the same code for native apps as well.

My questions are :

  • What all Ionic features I need to be wary of when using it for mobile website ? (I got a response that side menus dont work that well with gestures on Chrome and Safari)

  • How to handle SEO or deep-linking ? Will using html5mode location while wiring Angular suffice ?

Thanks in advance.

From here:

With Ionic, we wanted to build an HTML5 mobile development framework that was focused on native or hybrid apps instead of mobile websites, since we felt there were great tools already for mobile website development. So Ionic apps aren't meant to be run in a mobile browser app like Chrome or Safari, but rather the low-level browser shell like iOS's UIWebView or Android's WebView, which are wrapped by tools like Cordova/PhoneGap.
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