Dynamically Loaded Images Won't Render

After upgrading to Ionic version 1.0.0-beta.14, my dynamically generated images no longer render. The image links are pulled in from a $http.get call. I’ve output the results to the console and the link is present. This only occurs in the build, when viewing the files on the web or in Ionic Lab, they appear just fine. I have switched src to ng-src, added Crosswalk to my build, and tried to resolve the promise in the .config() function before the controller is called. Any suggestions?

Here’s a snippet:

<div class="feed" ng-repeat="result in results.data">
     <div class="row">
      <img ng-src="http://graph.facebook.com/{{result.from.id}}/picture?type=small" class="fbProPic" />
           <h4 class="col-md-5 fromUser">{{result.from.name}}</h4> 
	   <h6 class="col-md-offset-11 pull-right postDate">{{result.created_time | date: 'medium'}}</h6>
<a href="{{result.link}}" target="_blank"><img ng-src="{{result.picture}}" class="postPicture" /></a>

The first tag renders the image since it’s just a link directly from FB. The second img, which is a full dynamic link does not render. This was all working prior to upgrading from beta 7 to beta 14.

Any ideas? Is there any suggestions on other ways to render the images?

Check {{result.picture}} to see if is a valid url to a valid image…

Thanks @fabioferrero for the response. The urls are valid images, I’ve checked them in separate tags and have also output the values to the console to make sure that the full string is being returned. This problem did not arise until I upgraded from beta 7 to beta 14. Prior to that, the images worked perfectly both in app and browser. Currently, they only display in browser. That leads me to believe that it has something to do with the in-app browser, but I’m not sure. Any other ideas?

Try a simple code like:

Thanks @fabioferrero for taking a look at this. I was able to find the solution. It actually wasn’t a result of the update to beta 14, it was because of a simultaneous restriction I made that I didn’t realize I’d done during the same build. In the config.xml, I restricted the domains available to communicate with the app and the cdn for facebook, instagram, and twitter were not included in that list (they are not a part of the regular domain).