Dynamically create item-options while limiting watchers

Inside my ng-repeat for each ion-item I want to display 3 item-options. These 3 options can be dynamically configured by a user and saved, but will be known BEFORE the ng-repeat renders the list…

So my question is… what is the best practice for handling this the angular way? Basically I need to bind scope variables to the 3 item options but I really only need to do this once and attach then to each ion-item rather than attaching watchers to EACH set of item-options (with 100 list items that would mean 300 Extra watchers even for the first bind!! ).

Can I compile the item-options in a separate directive and just append the compiled item-options to the ion-items? This is really more of an angular question but since they involve ionic directives i wonder if there is a best practice for overriding or manipulating the default behavior?