Dynamic SlideBox with images like a book


I am making an app that will allow users to read that magazine or a book, place bookmarks etc.

I have store pages of book in png format and displaying well. I have created a json which looks like this


This is how slidebox looks like

<ion-slide-box  show-pager="false" on-slide-changed="OnSlideChanged($index)" on-next="OnNext(index, data)" on-prev="OnPrev(index, data)" key-name="data-pkid" delegate-handle="Test2">
<ion-slide  ng-repeat="item in pageList.slice().reverse()| filter:{IsShow : true}" 
        ng-if="item.Page_No != 'undefined'"

Notice the filter, IsShow which I am changing programmatically from my code to display 3 slides at a time, 0 1 2 and on slide change (if forward) it becomes 1 2 3.

For this I have to modify the IonicSlidebox js file a bit. All was fine till I implemented crosswalk.

After crosswalk, when I move 2 / 3 slides (randomly) swipe doesn’t work. It seems that events are not bound to SlideBox for some time and then it becomes normal.

I am compelled to use Crosswalk as other screens are feeling very laggy on some Android devices.

Any Idea ?