Duplicate Controller on $state.go

on my project I use the Tabs template.
On route.js:
.state(‘tabsController.dailyTestResults’, {
url: ‘/page7’,
params: { ‘SessionSignalOK’: null },
views: {
‘tab2’: {
templateUrl: ‘templates/dailyTestResults.html’,
controller: ‘dailyTestResultsCtrl’

While using the app I trigger few times: $state.go(‘tabsController.dailyTestResults’, { ‘SessionSignalOK’: true });

I think that the controller is duplicated because when I use $emit to trigger event in the controller ($rootScope.$on()) the event is triggered 1,2,3… times (as the times i called the $state.go().)

I found that there is such an issue with angular, but it was supposed to be resolved already.
using: angular 1.6.4
angular-ui-routing v0.2.18
ionic 1.3.3

Please help!!!

(It would be easier to understand your problem if you formatted your code.)