Duplicate App & Rebranding (Apple)

Hello, it’s the 1st time posting here, so nice to meet you guys!

The company I’m working for offers custom apps to customers.

We’re considering shifting from pure native apps to a Capacitor solution instead, and considering App flow as a solution for CI/CD.

But while discussing about this possibility, I understand there might be some issues with Apple, a policy they have for “Duplicate Apps & Rebranding”.

From what I understand, because capacitor is somewhat of a webview, most of the code can be viewed by Apple as “copied” or “duplicate code” if we would offer it as a solution (apps are distributed by my company).

Has anyone had this issue, or have any idea if this is a problem at all and what issues we might face with this situation?

As an example: if we make 3 apps for 3 different companies (similar code, some changes based on customer requests) which we then publish, is there a chance that Apple doesn’t approve some of them?

Thank you for your help!


The “Duplicate Apps & Rebranding” can affect either native apps or Capacitor apps, or any other framework, the problem is the app duplication, not the framework.

I think that your customers should publish the apps themselves (or give your company access to their Apple Developer account so you can publish in their behalf). But you can’t publish multiple duplicated apps for multiple customers with your own Apple Developer Account. So, as long as your customers pay the yearly Apple Developer subscription, Apple is good with that.