Dropdown Select Bug iOS9

UPDATE/RESOLUTION: I resolved this issue by removing the [overflow-scroll=“true”] attribute on the ion-content element. I’m not sure why this was causing issues on iOS9, but I experienced a similar bug on SalesForce1 when I was building an app on that and had attached overflow: auto styles to certain elements. It seems that webframes and overflow attributes don’t play well together on iOS.

Hello - I’m experiencing an odd bug that I was hoping to get some input on. I’m currently building an app on Ionic and have had very few issues until the release of iOS9. When I select an option on the dropdown menu, the screen suddenly goes blank and only the background image remains. If I open the hamburger menu the screen reappears, or if I select the timepicker (despite the fact the page is invisible, I can still interact with the page) the page reappears. There are no errors in the console when I run the debugger in X Code, and this works perfectly fine on android and iOS8. I’ve already added the patch that was created for iOS9 which did resolve some other bugs, but this one still persists.

The code is as follows:

<select class="planner-select" name="startRoutes" id="startRoutes"
      ng-options="option.name for option in ddSelectOptions track by option.id"

I’m completely at a loss.

You’ll see in the attached images that I created a test dropdown that doesn’t use ng-option in hopes that that attribute was somehow causing the bug. I also stripped all the CSS from the test Select Dropdown to see if that was causing errors:

 <select class='planner-select' ng-model='param.test'>
     <option class="test" ng-repeat='option in ddSelectOptions' ng-value='option.id'>{{option.name}}

However, none of these changes impacted the resulting bug.



Here’s an image of the blank screen:

And here is an image of the timepicker that brings the content back:


I stumbled across your thread while digging into an other bug myself.

Don’t know if you already solved it, but I have been facing similar issues on iOS. The problem is in the height of your content container. iOS needs some slack in order to open keyboards, select options, etc… Somehow it ends up hiding the content, when the height is only 100% of the window-size. I solved it by adding a min-height property to the container on platform-ios, which allows allows for enough wiggle room to slide the container. And that solved it for me.

Hope it helps or otherwise solves the mystery.

Cheers, G