Download large amounts of data with Ionic

We are looking into Ionic to see if we can merge our Xamarin App & Electron app into a single codebase. When reading the documentation it’s not completely clear what the limitations are.

We need an app which can download & sync presentations. Presentations are created as static HTML5 and can run standalone in a separate webview.

What we need is an overview with available presentations, a downloader/updater, and when ready a webview to show the downloaded content. This surrounded with a simple interface.

From previous apps we know that a big amount of files (downloading / checking / syncing) can be a bit heavy. Before we are going to start with ionic I hope you guys could tell me if it’s possible.

I read different options for downloading content. We would like to store the files in the app. A presentation can contain all kind of assets, videos from 30MB or complete presentations of 300MB. We would like to store the data in separate folders and just open the .index.html. All relative assets need to stay in the same folder.

Is there a good plugin that works with a local file api for each platform?

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