Download APP structure by role

Hello everyone!
I’ll develop an APP that will have different features/pages/components depending on the user type. (Seller or Customer).

I wouldn’t like to publish 1 giant Android APP containing all the seller features if the user will be a customer and vice versa.

My question:
Would it be possible to have just 1 APP in Play Store and when the user download it and click under the type of user, the APP downloads the pages and all features/code related to this user type?

Or is better to publish 2 app’s

Thank you in advance!

You can of course publish an app that contains both sets of screens and functionality - but they would already be in the app and only be activated after the user logged in and you recognized his “type”.

If there is no need to switch between users that could be of different types, I would not advise you to do this. You don’t win much, but add a lot of complexity.

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Thank you very much for your answer!
So you think it’s better to develop 2 separated APP’s? (1 for the seller download it and the other for the customer?)
(They won’t switch between types)

Then probably yes.

Unless the apps share a lot of the same code and functionality or you have any other reason why this might be beneficial.

You could use the same core database providers. The main difference sounds as though it would be pages, and database permissions. So you write one app core with two different faces, and publish each face as its own app. If I understand your objective correctly.

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