Doubts ionic cloud push in iOS with Badge

Dear all,

I’ve tried many times with the ionic push and iOS badget, with ionic framework v1, and I don’t be able t solve this topics:

1.- Is there any way to manage automatically the number that is showed in the iOS badge?
There is the parameter badge inside ios object and there I’ve assigned a number, for example–>“ios”: { “badge”:1,… But my app is like a “calendar app”, so it’s possible a few scheduled notifications could be sended to the device and the user not click in anyone. Is there any form the number of the badge increased automatically when the notification arrives to the device?

2.-Is there any way to clear automatically the badge number when the user click in the notification devices? Now, when a notification arrives to the device, the badge number is showed but although the user press in the notification, the number still appears in the device without any change.

3.- If there isn’t any way to solve the question #2… is there any way to change the number of the badge when the app starts?

Thanks in advance


Hi amurillo, my thoughts:

  1. As far as I know is not possible to increase the badge count. So, my approach is to have that count on the back end and for each Push Notification I sent, I increase the number sent.

  2. See this:
    How do you clear iOS Push notification badges (Ionic Push v2 Beta migration)

  3. The above link info didn’t work for me, so I’m sending a Push Notification to clear the badge count:
    Clearing Push Notification Badge on iOS

Final tip: Search for cordova-plugin-local-notifications.