Doubt with modal and lists root component

i am implemented nav push in root component

this.nav.push('ServicioSolicitadoPage', { 'servicio': dataNotificacion });

so the other view is loaded, but in this view called to other modal for select one or more services

  onAgregarServicio() {

    let listaServiciosModal = this.modalCtrl.create(ListadoServiciosPage);
    listaServiciosModal.onDidDismiss(data => {
      if (data) {
        this.listServicios = data;

in this modal view i can select more than one element. The icon it show or no, this for indicate the service selected, but I don’t know why the icon never show

I try in other part of the applicacition to call this modal view and, everything works well

View mistake video

I realize this might be inconvenient, but for the sake of investigation, can you try removing all lazy loading from this app and see if the problem persists?

thanks for helping, i will try do that