Doubt with firefox os app manifest and ionic

Greetings from El Salvador.
I’m new with ionic framework, I recently started to play with it and I have to say that is awesome, I like very much.

Please forgive me if this is a stupid question :smile: .

I need to clarify something about firefox os.
I use ionic platform add firefoxos to start a new firefox os app and then I use ionic build firefoxos to build it and then it creates a app manifest inside platform/firefoxos/www/. Since the app global configuration is on config.xml, I wonder how to set redirects on my app manifest, Is there any xml tag for it or can I set it directly on the manifest.webapp after building my app?

You may get more help over at the Cordova forums as your question isn’t really related to ionic.

Ok thanks.
I have already an answer and solution to my doubt, I just need to create my app manifest on project/www/ then do the following: cordova prepare and finally ionic build firefoxos, this will create the packed firefoxos app with the app manifest created before.