Dose on-drag have a 300ms delay?

I wrote a directive for a vote sliderBar
which has three valid position and will slide to the nearest valid position when you release the slider.
Here is the template:

<div class="vote-bar"><a class="icon {{sliderIcon}} vote-slider" ng-class="{shining: program.myVote < 1}"
 on-drag="moveSlider($event)" on-release="locateSlider($event)">

On the slider, I handle the on-drag and on-release event to achieve the sliderBar function.
It works smoothly well on the browser.
On android 4.4, when I try to drag the slider, there is a very tiny delay
(but noticeable compared to the smooth moving when you release the slider).
And I try it on an old device with android 4.0.4 as well,
the delay is so big that when I drag it from left to right many times, it starts/ends moving about one round later.

So I am wondering if on-drag has some inherent delay to distinguish against tap/click gesture?