Dollar Ionicon

Hey there, I have a feature request. Would you mind making a dollar sign icon as part of ionicons? That’d be awesome!!!

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Its fairly simple to create your own icon or include other icon-fonts that are out there.
If you want to build your own, @Ben posted a good article a while back about the process. Check it out
But if you can’t make your own, I found this one, its a dollar symbol and looks pretty good.

Hey @seanhill, that sounds like a good suggestion to me. I made an issue here:

Not sure how soon I will be getting to that, but it will be added eventually. I’m kind of waiting for a critical mass before going back and adding more. :smile:

Thanks @mhartington for offering up some resources. You rock.

Thanks, @Ben If you want I can for the ionicon repo and create a dollar sign icon for you guys?

On that same note an icon of a half filled star would be great too :smile:

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Hey @Ben, is there any way to match up the codes like “\f30c” if I wanted to add a new icon to your ionicons with IcoMoon?

What I want to do is make a new svg, add it to the list of your svg’s, upload those to IcoMoon, but still have the codes match up. Thanks!

Hey @Ben, I’m also curious what values you used for this.

Check out this image

@seanhill Actually, I would hold off in terms of adding any new icons to the ionicons repo - I forgot that we stopped using IcoMoon to generate the font, and instead have moved onto an internal process that’s more efficient for us. Obviously, you’re more than welcome to keep creating your own personal collection of icons! :slight_smile:

I can’t remember what the exact specs were referring to your link, but the 512 looks correct to me. You should expect to do a bit of exporting and re-exporting icons until you have it just right. I know I did.

@mhartington I think it’s probably better to wait at this point, only because our process has changed sine the IcoMoon days and is still a bit in flux. You’re more than welcome to send me a vector file if you whip something up!

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Here ya go :smiley: A half filled star. Good for doing ratings. It was basically your outline star filled up half way.


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@Ben have you guys switch over to using fontcustom?

Anyways, here’s two dollar icons, one filled and one outlined. @seanhill, this should help you out for the time being.



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You guys are awesome! Thank you, I’ve added them to my file of upcoming icons. I’ll make sure you two are attributed! :smile:

a broken heart would greatly appreciated. thanks.

@Ben thanks so much for the new icons! Just wanted to let you know I’m using them in my app :smile:

Half Star
Dollar Sign

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I know its late, but thanks for the icons updates.


Is it possible to provide an animated version of the ‘ion-android-reminder’ icon? I mean the bell icon oscillating like a bell.

Hey @siddhartha

You could alway write some css for the animation. Like this example

Hope it helps!

No I need an animated icon.

Animated for me, should be swinging back and forth

Stop the sarcasm.

Ok I will stick with it now. I am making minor changes to what you have provided.


No sarcasm, just simply saying that the animation worked in my browser. Was there an issue with the css not being prefixed properly?