Does viewDidEnter fire after animation is completed?

There’s no documentation relating to animation. Does viewDidEnter fire after animation is completed?

what animation exactly?

Navigation animations.

I found this though: setRoot and push (on the this.nav object) return a promise that resolves when completed. I use this, and then use Events to publish an event, subscribing to it in the other view.

I had a view that navigates to a custom camera camera, and it looks a little weird animating in. Essentially the live camera slides into view, I wanted the BG to be white and then once the nav animation finished the background drops out to reveal the camera underneath it. Generally the callback wouldn’t be needed, but in this case it was.

Thing is… I feel like the promise was resolving before the navigation animation actually completed. I played around with setTimeout after the event subscribe was fired and about 300ms seems to feel more accurate…

Not sure. I’ll come back to this.

You might want to install the Ionic Native Page Transitions plugin. Gives you more speed and control over the animation.

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Thank you, I did notice there seems to be ~500ms delay (guess) on the tap. This is eliminated with native? Makes sense… building a rough app so I can handle the 500ms for now but def would need to tackle this in the future.

What are you setting as tappable? If it isn’t a button, this can happen unless include a tappable directive. Example:
<div tappable (click)="needsTappableorCanCauseWaiting()"> </div>