Does the installation section of guide have and error

The section on this page that talks about Configure Platforms says.

“$ ionic platform android” don’t you mean “$ ionic platform add android” or am I missing something?

It needs the “add” on my WIN 7 machine.

The $ means that you should be in a terminal (dos prompt) and usually means to use a Unix based machine.
If you want to use this on Windows, I think you will need powershellor cygwin.

Hey, yeah the docs need to be updated. We’ve been moving the installation process over the learn site

On my windows 7 I never used “add”,
I just use:

ionic platform android

and it work…

@migueltarga really? Interesting…though I’m out of the loop for windows, haven’t touch one in almost 10 years.

@mhartington, Yes! I tried to stay out for 2 years… but I feel at home on windows LOL, I’m 10x more productive.


ionic build

ionic run

works without the platform name if you have just one.