Does Ionic latest version support Ionic v3 press & touchend button event?

Hi, I want to build a speak button which can handle two types of event, the press and the release.

I know there has two button events at Ionic V3, press and touchend, but when I try to find these spec doc at Ionic latest version, I can’t find these event docs.

I was wondering the Ionic latest version support Ionic v3 press and release button event? Thanks.

Think now it depend on the framework used. For example @mousedown and @mouseup at Vue.

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I have searched the MDN and found the touchstart and touchend is the event, so it seems like not the framework event, just like the click event.

and another interesting thing is this event is for the device, like the pad or phone, so that means you will have to use the device to test it, whether it is the hardware device or virtual device. so maybe I will test this event after using Ionic build android command.

Yes, I meant attributes for html elements which framework use instead manual adding event listener.

Looks like it can be tested with Chrome javascript - Simulating touchstart and touchend events? - Stack Overflow

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Great! I will try this method on Chrome, thanks for your suggestion.
( I have transferred to Firefox for a long time since Chrome using so many RAM on my computer xD)