Does IONIC 1 support iOS12?


We have mobile application developed into IONIC 1. It is working fine with Android OS, but it is not working on iOS 12 devices. We are able to build an IPA file using XCode 10 with valid distribution certificate and provision profile. Once app is installed into iphone and open, it disappeared.

On simulator, I have tried with .app file, it is showing below log on service log service of an emulator.

Program specified by service does not contain any valid architectures for this system.

services excited with abnormal code:78

This is because the architecture for the simulator is completely different from the actual device.

I have no problems running ionic 1 apps on iOS12 whatsoever. The problem you’re describing could be due to expired iOS certificates. The easiest way to find out what’s wrong is attach a device to your computer, run the app on the device from XCode and check the messages that appear in the log.

@arjenbroeze The issue is been resolved. The issue was with Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority and iOS Distribution.