Does Appflow's Live Updates feature work with PWAs?

Good evening,

Unfortunately I cannot seem to find clear information about this. In short, I am wondering if the Deploy plugin with AppFlow works with PWA’s as well, or only for Android/ios deployments.

I have an Angular app built as a PWA and deployed to my server. I have configured an update service to use the Deploy plugin to request an update and then refresh the app. I just want to know if this functionality is possible before I continue to spend time working on it.

With a PWA, is it possible that I can push a new build to a named channel and the PWA will be able to receive that and redeploy itself?

Thanks for any assistance.

The Appflow SDK is focused on iOS and Android apps. Since a web app deployed to a site/url can be updated by you at any time, there’s no need for the Live Update feature for PWAs. Rather, that’s used to ship updates quickly to your iOS & Android apps in the app stores, bypassing the multiday review process.

It’s up to you to deploy the PWA version. There are lots of great options these days. I’m a fan of Vercel for example. Hope that helps!