Docs are a unusable at times (often scrolls back to previous anchor link)

Hey, I’ve just jumped to the new ionic from ionic-v1, and I’m having difficulty using the docs.

At random times, when I navigate to anchor links within specific component docs, clicking on sub-category links or scrolling up/down, the page insta-scrolls back to previously selected category. It’s rather unpredictable and always catches me offguard, that’s why it’s so annoying.


In addition, compared to v1, device preview on the right is changing without any offset whenever anchor link is scrolled into/out of the view., so if you want to preview how, for instance, card list looks, then you want to read the description, you have to be very precise, otherwise the preview will show previous section.

Yeah, it is very annoying and I was facing the same problem yesterday. You scroll down in docs, that’s okay but when you scroll up, it jumps to an expected section.