Do PhotoViewer accept img from local?

Does PhotoViewer accept img from local? like this:

<button ion-button (click)="goImage()">View</button>

ts file:

 goImage() {'../assests/img/mapping.jpg');

Per documentation, the show method requires a url to show an image:

The Cordova plugin at also says:

This plugin is intended to show a picture from an URL into a Photo Viewer with zoom features.

But as the local file is also accessible via a local file URL, it may very well be possible to give this to the method - but you have to find out the local file URL first. No idea how to do this.

Alternatively you can see if you maybe using a data URI also works for this plugin. Then you only have to read the file locally.

Any idea how I can implement button that once clicked will open an Image?

I had a look at the Android source code of the Cordova plugin, and you can use http, file and data:image (which is a base64 string of the image data) URLs. The last both options should be doable.