Do javascript obfuscators work for AngularJS?

There are javascript obfuscators around like They work on simple javascript code. But would they work on more complicated front-end AngularJS code which may have several files for controllers, services, modules?

Would like to add security so nobody can able to see my app code…

You can use some tools like Uglify or Closure Compiler to minify and obfuscate AngularJS code. However, it can be a little bit tricky as Angular’s ability to inject dependencies based on the name of the variable used. I often use this Javascript obfuscator tool

IMHO this is a complete fool’s errand. If you are attempting to conceal secrets in app binaries, your design is broken.

Yes! It can work with the link you posted!

If your code is like this:

.controller('myctrl', function($scope,$etc){
  // your code

Change it to:

.controller('myctrl', ['$scope','$etc', function($scope, $etc){


In this way, you can obfuscate your angularjs code.

Hope it helps