Do I need to call push.register() every time my app starts

What am I missing here:

I’m saving the token to a server from the push.register function parameter. So every time the app starts it goes out to that server and tries to save. Duplicate requests are ignored of course. But I’d like to avoid unnecessary web calls.

I was thinking there was a push."retrieve"Token() or something to match push.saveToken(), so that I could see if the token was already set (and the app wouldn’t have to make extra web calls). But I couldn’t find anything. I could of course save / retrieve from local storage. No biggie, but I’m looking for the preferred way.

Just to recap, two questions:

  1. Should push.register() be called at every app start?
  2. How do I retrieve a token saved with push.saveToken?


i’ve the same problem. do you have a good solution for this topic?

Sorry for the late reply - ya, I call register every time and call out to
an app server. For now that’ll work. But I might just record success
failure for the 1st time in local storage in the future