Do I need Ionic CSS?


I have a responsive single-page web app built in LESS and Angular.JS.


I’d like to port this into an app using the Ionic framework. Really all I’m after is the ionic-nav-view structure and all the smarts you guys have done for performance, 300ms delay, ghost clicks etc.


Can I completely abandon the ionic CSS and use my own customised gulp build with the below structure? Are there any major implications to not using the ionic CSS?

|- platforms
|- less

  • css
    The build less under here

Yes, you can now. Read the Formula which describes how to deploy Ionic apps with Less. You can find this Formula at for now.

This Formula uses the Less autoprefix plugin and the Less ionic plugin.

Your Gulp less task should look like that shown below, with var less = require('gulp-less');:

gulp.task('less', function(done) {
  var LessPluginIonic = require('less-plugin-ionic'),
  ionicless = new LessPluginIonic();
  var LessPluginAutoprefix = require('less-plugin-autoprefix'),
  autoprefix = new LessPluginAutoprefix({ browsers: ["Android >= 2.1","BlackBerry >= 7","Chrome >= 20","Firefox >= 21","Explorer >= 10","iOS >= 3.2","Opera > 12","Safari > 6","OperaMobile >= 12.1","ChromeAndroid >= 40","FirefoxAndroid >= 30","ExplorerMobile >= 10"] });
      plugins: [ionicless, autoprefix]
      keepSpecialComments: 0
    .pipe(rename({ extname: '.min.css' }))
    .on('end', done);