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I want to display a web page in one of the tabs. When user click on the tab, i want the webpage to load. I used Iframe and it works great but the only problem, when the customer get pass the checkout page, website freeze as it has to load a payment gateway page and the payment gateway provider does not support Iframe.

Is there any way, I can open it. I will really appreciate some help.


why does no one helps here???

this is the problem with hybrid apps and checkouts --> iframes are totally insecure and not that good.

For most payment providers you have to open a new window (with the in app browser plugin). After you opened it you can listen on any change in the browser url. and you need to close the window manually if you think the payment has finished.

or you are using a multi payment provider optimized for mobile apps like payone.

Or you only support paypal as external payment, because they have a cordova plugin.

is there any other way to display the page using javascript? I am just displaying the E-commerce web page, we didnt integrate the payment gateway with iframe.

at the moment, I have a header bar than the main content (Where we display the web page) then the tabs linked to other pages.

You can use the cordova-plugin-inappbrowser https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser to open up the payment page. It’s not ideal, normally you would use a service like stripe.com with an API call and some javascript to process a payment. But if you must redirect the user to a website to be prompted to pay. Then you could use it. Mind you, I don’t know how you would get a valid or invalid argument back from the browser window. Normally cross site scripting limitations would precent information being passed between them.

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Thanks Wattsin for replying.

I tried the native android webview and IOS UWebVew they load the payment gateway with no issues. is there any way to use webview in IONIC? please let me know.

Hi Jay,

I am a newbie and need to implement same strategy as you mention. How you solve your problem ? Please advise as early as possible. I need to complete it today End of the day …

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