Display total numbers of users in a database

Hello World,

i got a question about displaying total count/numbers/qty of users inside a database in TS or HTML

in firebase console, i got a database name Users, inside got 10 users, may i ask how to display total qty of 10 users in HTML

what i’m thinking to display in HTML is Total Users is 10

can anybody teach me? thank you

You don’t mention what framework you’re using. If Angular, I would suggest going through the Tour of Heroes. Your question is covered in chapter 1.

You should get your data through via REST service (e.g) and keep this list (array) in a variable.
You can obtain the array size in TS or javascript with:

let userList = getUsers();
let size = userList.length;

ya, Sorry, its Angular, noted, i will read chapter and learn from inside. Thank you very much

hi, i will give it a try, thank you very much