Display popup or toast for element of the list missing

Hey there! I’m kinda growing with Angular.js and the Ionic Framework (be proud of me pleeease :-D) but I’ve found nothing on this question. I’m working on a tabs app, starting from your base. When fetching a list of elements in services.js with ng-repeat="elem in elements" how can i display a popup or, better, a toast (like this one -> https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/Toast-PhoneGap-Plugin ) for the elements that are missing?

I tried with putting ng-click={{elem.toast}} or similar, but all i got was a popup for all elements or none.

I was been searching for a toast notification plugin for my project. I have created a bower component for toast. Please have a look at the bower component i have created. I think it might help you.