Display only last part of string at visible area. iOS platform problem

Good day! Could anyone help please… how to display only last part of string at <ion-title> </ion-title> without line breaks ? E.g. " ...string.

I add style direction: rtl; to ion-title and it working well on android platform but not on iOS.

For example I have a string … “Vaderstad US Dealer / 660 TANK ICON 660 TANK ICON 2021 (202110000 - 202119999) / AUGER / FILL SYSTEM FRONT SUPPORT ASY - 500 & 660”

On android platform it looks correctly. In visible area the end of srting RT ASY - 500 & 660

On ios platform it looks not correctly. In visible area I see the beginning of string.

On iOS and Android platform styles the same. Could anyone help please ?

How to align text (right to left) on iOS platform ? I want to see please end of string at visible area.