Display data content on popup


I’m new on Ionic Framework and i have a list from data stored in controllers.js called by CiudadesCtrl

When user click on list item, i need to display a popup with the data of the item and two buttons called “Close” and “Call” (the button “Call” has the telephone)

Currently i’ve this code in controllers:

.controller('CiudadesCtrl', function($scope, $ionicModal) { // SEXTA REGION // Accordeon para la lista de ciudades $scope.groups = [ { id_ciudad: 61, name: "Santa Cruz", emprendedores: [{ id_emprendedor: 611, nombre: "Cabañas El Salto", telefono: "+56912345678", servicio: "alojamiento" }] }, { id_ciudad: 62, name: "Marchigue", emprendedores: [{ id_emprendedor: 621, nombre: "Cabañas Las Luciérnagas", telefono: "+56912345678", servicio: "alojamiento" }] } ]; })

HTML to see lists with click:

<ion-view view-title="" hide-nav-bar="false" hide-back-button="false"> <ion-content class="int-regiones" ng-controller="CiudadesCtrl"> <h1 class="col-100">Región de O'Higgins</h1> <div class="featured"> <img src="img/mapa-region-6.jpg" alt="" /> </div> <div class="content"> <div class="list col-100"> <ion-list> <div ng-repeat="group in groups"> <ion-item class="item-stable" ng-click="toggleGroup(group)" ng-class="{active: isGroupShown(group)}"> <i class="icon" ng-class="isGroupShown(group) ? 'ion-minus' : 'ion-plus'"></i> &nbsp; {{group.name}} </ion-item> <ion-item ng-repeat="item in group.emprendedores" class="item-accordion" ng-show="isGroupShown(group)"> <button id="{{group.id}}" class="item item-avatar" ng-click="openModal()"> <img src="img/ico-{{item.servicio}}.png"> <h2>{{item.nombre}}</h2> <span>{{item.telefono}}</span> </button> </ion-item> <!-- --> </div> </ion-list> </div> </div> </ion-content> </ion-view>

Popup isn’t work, modal isn’t work :frowning: