Display call logs

hi i m new to ionic, i m implementing an app in that i want to display contacts and call logs, i succesfully getting the contacts but i did not get the call logs ,so please help any one . thanks

hii i m also facing same problem

This may help you: https://github.com/dalyc/Cordova-CallLog-Plugin

thanks for ur reply. i am already using that plugin but i did not get any call logs

Do you have any errors? Please run your app with this command to see whether you get error or not:

ionic run android -l -c

hi run this command ionic run android -l -c ,i got errors as shown below

0 368148 error Uncaught ReferenceError: $provide is not defined,, Line: 25
1 368290 error LiveReload disabled because the browser does not seem to support web sockets

Without any code, how can somebody understand you? Please share a part of your aap.js about line 25.

sorry.here is my code.

$provide.decorator(‘CallLogService’, [’$delegate’, ‘$q’, function ($delegate, $q) {
if (window.plugins && window.plugins.calllog) {
return $delegate;
} else {
return {
list : function() {
var lastCall = {
cachedName: ‘apoorva’,
cachedNumberType: 2,
date: 1406720317112,
duration: 2224,
new: 1,
number: ‘0428889999’,
type: 1
return $q.when([lastCall]);
contact : function() {
return $q.when({});
show : function() {
return $q.when(true);

Did you inject $provide ?

same error? how to solve it

how to inject $provide?