Disabling Ionic for a Lazy Loaded Module/PWA desktop optimization

I build a PWA with Ionic. So for so good, the problem is obviously when a use visits my pwa not on a mobile device but on desktop browser, the app will obviously look quite ugly, because its not optimized for it.

I haven’t found much about this topic even though I expected it to be quite a well descussed topic because its a problem everyone with a Ionic PWA has. So what are the common solution to this problem. Any recommended resources?

I pearsonally would like the disable any Ionic features for the desktop version. I don’t need Tabbars, Toolbars, Alerts or UI Components on the desktop.

I tried to just not using them, but when I have a lazy loaded module with an angular <router-outlet> I still have some unwanted Ionic “feature”. For example the scrolling is not working properly. When I have a biger div then screen, I can’t scroll. Its like the css overflow is disabled, but I haven’t managed to set it to scroll or auto. Is still not working no matter to where I set it.

Any solution to my scroll problem? What is the best way to disable all Ionic features for one lazy loaded module?