disableBack in $ionicHistory.nextViewOptions fails sometimes


I created the below view by using the ‘stripe styled tabs’.
I wanted to mimic the sub tab functionality of other android apps. but couldnt find any docs on it in ionic so I created a three different routes for the tabs and just change the ‘active’ class for the selected tab.

What I felt is that since I am just simulating sub-tabs the history should not change and the back button shouldn’t be visible for any of these tabbed routes.

So, I added the following in all the tab routes controllers

disableBack: true,
disableAnimate: true

While interchanging/navigating between the tabs, the above code works for 4-5 times, but then, the normal history enabled behavior starts to take place, the view starts animating and the back button starts appearing.


Failing after a few tab interchanges:(back button visible)


EDIT: Found a solution

Just had to add ‘cache: false’ as shown in Ionic Navigation Docs for all the states. I dont know if this is right or not, but it currently solves my issue.